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Beauty is Only Skin Deep...Or Is It?

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Application [Apr. 3rd, 2006|01:09 pm]
Beauty is Only Skin Deep...Or Is It?


Name: Meghan
~Age: 18 going on 19 soon.
~Sex: im a lady.
~Sexual Orientation: straight
~Single/Dating(show pictures if possible): taken by the love of my life ♥
Image hosting by Photobucket
~Location: New York
~Ethnicity: white...
~Hobbies: right now just working & hanging out with my boyfriend & best friend. i work a lot because im trying to get some money so i can go back to school.
~Aspirations in life: to become a teacher, get married & have kids.
~Strengths: i am a really good listener. i am always there for people.
~Weakness: my boyfriend. it sounds really corny but its true. he can almost make me do anything haha. and ben & jerrys ice cream. who could stand up to that? haha
~Pet peeve: liars & cheaters. i cant stand em.
~A picture of something you think is beautiful:
Image hosting by Photobucket

shes been my best friend for 8 years & she has always had my back no matter what.

~If you were making a soundtrack of your life, what songs would be on it?:
My’s Soundtrack (Life’s Top 12)
- Be Without You.- Mary J Blige
- Gimme That- Chris Brown
- Incomplete- BSB
- Bruised- Jacks Mannequinn
- Ms. New Booty- Bubba Sparxxx
- Sexy Love- i dont remember who sings it.
- Beautiful Love- The Afters
- Shorty Would you Be mine- Pretty Ricky
- Poppin My Colla- Three 6 Mafia
- Crazy Train- Ozzy
- Beep- Pussy Cat Dolla

~Movies: A Walk to Remember is my fav
~Books: Memiors of a Geisha
~Bands: i listen to anything... i dont have a favorite. I am more of a mixed cd/radio girl
~Food: taco bell.. slash tacos in general <3
~Clothing Store: Abercrombie & Hollister
~Color: Pink
~Article of Clothing: I have a fetish with underwear & shoes
~Thing about yourself: I like how my laugh changes all the time. & how my sense of humor is unlike any other
~What is your favorite holiday and why? I consider my birthday a holiday because it is celebrated for 3 days in my family. And the reason why I like it so much is because my family is ALWAYS together for it & everyone gets along soo well. Plus I like aging.
~Cats or Dogs: I like dogs. I'm bias tho. I have an adorable puppy named Reese. I tried to find a pic of her on my photobucket but I couldnt.
~Pizza or Pasta: neither. i have really bad heart problems & both will kill me soon if i continue to eat them. ha
~Cookies or Brownies: COOKIES
~Books or TV: tv. im a reality junkie- i cant help it
~DVDs or Tapes: tapes for childhood memories.
~Math or Literature: lit. i sucked @ math. & i am really strong in lit.
~Day or Night: both are nice. esp in the summer time
~Summer or Winter: SUMMER, i hate snow!
~Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff: lohan. i like her red hair a lot
~Being Lazy or Active: active. but im not much of that lately.
~Best Friends or Boyfriend/Girlfriend: thats not fair! i love both of mine the same.
~Abortion: i am not big on it. although i feel woman have the right to choose.. i would chose life. i couldnt do it.
~Plastic Surgury: if you need it or feel you need it, im for it. i have some parts of me i wish i could fix that no one sees as an issue but myself
~Gayy Marriage: my uncles gay & if you look @my user info you will see i am for gay marriage. happiness & love is all that matters.
~Religion: touchy subject. i dont believe. basically when i was younger religion was forced down my throat. i believe in a higher power, but what i was taught seemed a little exagerated to me.
~Drugs: not my thing. some people do them & thats fine as long as you dont bring it around me or bug me to smoke up, shoot up, snort up with you.
~Obesity: honestly, i think its pure laziness. you only get that big by not trying. honestly, i understand dieting can be VERY hard. im being forced to for health reasons... but how could you ever be happy with you being that over weight?
~Love: i am in love & i love every minute of it. ♥

Name: Meghan
Age: 18-turning 19
Size: ... i hope this is like body size. im super skinny. 106lbs. im a size 2 tho in jeans cause i have a big butt haha
Location: NY
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown & long. i love my hair
Self Title: ... hurrmmm Compassionate
Passtimes: when i was growing up, i loved my neighborhood. we all would get together & play the best games. I remember one time we all had a tomato war in my backyard with like umm 20 kids. it was amazing. hide & seek & dodgeball/kickball. it was all fun. playing house. i love it being a kid
Please Include At Least 4 Pictures
a) A Head Shot
Image hosting by Photobucket
im on the left
b) A Body Shot (Including Your Face)
Image hosting by Photobucket
im on the left- sorry if the bra offends anyone. it was my bday & we were feelin good haha
c) Any Other Photos You Think We Would Want To See
Image hosting by Photobucket
im a lot of fun
Image hosting by Photobucket
i love my friends
Image hosting by Photobucket
& i love my sis.

thats all! hope you guys like everything!